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Worthing Winter Warmer 2016

Monday, March 7th, 2016

I have had a busy weekend on the bike.  On Saturday 13th Feb I did the Worthing Winter Warmer a 104km Audax organised by the club.

The weather was cold and very wet. Despite this 81 people started the event and 72 finished. I started the ride with Rome as I had programmed the route into my Garmin we were soon joined by some other members of the club. At the first checkpoint on the top of Alderbrook near Cranleigh it was snowing and with freezing hands and feet we gratefully topped up on supplies and hot drinks.  The decent was very hairy with the back wheel slipping occasionally on heavy breaking particularly at the point when a car did an emergency stop. Through the rest of the ride it slowly warmed up although often I was unable to feel my feet. We  were grateful to finish within a reasonable time.  Cakes soup and hot drinks were provided allowing us to defrost hands and feet.

Unfortunately whilst loading the car I dropped my Garmin in the car park.  Someone found it and thanks to a little trick I learned on powering up the device my name and number were on the start up screen.

Sundays ride was a different type of test.  The weather was dryer although not any warmer.  and my legs felt empty on the climbs.

My ride details can be found on Strava

London to Brighton

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Soph at Turners Hill Following the chain breaking incident last night, which shock me up a little, we had an early start getting up at 5:30am. We cycled down the A3 to Clapham Common for the 6:30 start with a brief stop at Evans cycles to pick up a new chain, as I did not trust my bodge. The chain had a “easy link” which is designed to be easy to use however after 10 min of trying to get it to link correctly I asked one of the mechanics to try and fit it, I am glad to say he had more trouble than me.  I eventually managed it and we made it to the start on time. (more…)

Little Lumpy bumpy experience

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

This morning, following a great day at Twickers yesterday watching the Baa-Baas beat England, I got up at at 7am and Soph dropped me of in Haslemere for the Little Lumpy 100 mile ride. All the signals were that it was going to be a good ride with wonderful weather. (more…)

Finished the Castle ride today

Sunday, May 17th, 2009
Feeling slightly wet

Feeling slightly wet

Well I just about managed to finish the cycle ride today, My first 100 mile ride, and what a ride it was. (more…)

Castle ride tomorrow

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

I have just got my kit ready for tomorrow, everything is ready, apart from me that is.
I am worried, even though the weather is looking more promising, if I can’t make it tomorrow even with Liz’s help how can I do it every day for six or seven days on my own?
I had a good ride today and my legs felt strong even in the strong winds but I still find it very hard to climb. I know the answer, lose more weight and do more training.

What to do on the 30-31 May

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I need to do a long ride on the weekend of the 30-31 May.  There are several sportives to choose from:

The Cycling Plus sportive in the peak district, the advantages of this are its a cycling weekend with camping at Donnington Park with lots of other activities to do, the down side is getting there and if its raining it will not be that much fun.

The second option is the “Little Lumpy” in Haslemere. It should be good and is near by but I have cycled much of the route before.

The third option is the SWRC May Flyer this is a shorter route 85 miles but you cross the North Downs.

So which one do you think I should do?

Sunday sportive Duncton

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Well I did it. Following a pretty rubbish week. I managed to complete my hardest ride to date.