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Annual training goal fails

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

I planned to do the Club 10mile TT championship last Sunday. Unfortunately due to family illness I decided not to compete but just do the club ride instead.

I am glad to say that my Mother is now home and my training seems to be back on track. I have still not made a decision about going ahead  for lejog at present.
I tried and failed to kick start my diet on Monday so will start it again on Easter Tuesday.

Trip currently up in the air

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

I have had a troubled last few weeks. Although I had a great time in Malta (although no training) I was given some bad news about a member of my family becoming sick.

As such I have temporally put my plans on hold, by not booking any travel or accommodation, until I am more sure about whether its sensible to go ahead.

This has put a real dampener on my diet and in fact my weight has crept back up due to comfort eating (the bane of my life) and a lack of willpower.  My mood is low and although I am still training its not as organised as prior to the news.

I plan to kick start my diet and training program next week but we will see what becomes of this week.


So please think about my family in your prayers.

How to display your name and number on your Garmin

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

This tip I got from DCrainmaker. It enables you to put a message on the bootup screen of the Garmin.

To do this connect the Garmin to your computer.

Open the Garmin directory then find the “startup.txt” file.

Open this in a text editor and follow the instructions in the file.

Save this eject your Garmin and reboot it.

Job done.

Worthing Winter Warmer 2016

Monday, March 7th, 2016

I have had a busy weekend on the bike.  On Saturday 13th Feb I did the Worthing Winter Warmer a 104km Audax organised by the club.

The weather was cold and very wet. Despite this 81 people started the event and 72 finished. I started the ride with Rome as I had programmed the route into my Garmin we were soon joined by some other members of the club. At the first checkpoint on the top of Alderbrook near Cranleigh it was snowing and with freezing hands and feet we gratefully topped up on supplies and hot drinks.  The decent was very hairy with the back wheel slipping occasionally on heavy breaking particularly at the point when a car did an emergency stop. Through the rest of the ride it slowly warmed up although often I was unable to feel my feet. We  were grateful to finish within a reasonable time.  Cakes soup and hot drinks were provided allowing us to defrost hands and feet.

Unfortunately whilst loading the car I dropped my Garmin in the car park.  Someone found it and thanks to a little trick I learned on powering up the device my name and number were on the start up screen.

Sundays ride was a different type of test.  The weather was dryer although not any warmer.  and my legs felt empty on the climbs.

My ride details can be found on Strava