Little Lumpy bumpy experience

This morning, following a great day at Twickers yesterday watching the Baa-Baas beat England, I got up at at 7am and Soph dropped me of in Haslemere for the Little Lumpy 100 mile ride. All the signals were that it was going to be a good ride with wonderful weather. However upon arriving and registering my mood changed slightly. There was a long queue to register and there was not much information. After setting off I felt ok but not great and though there was reasonable signage it was not great and many riders went wrong early on. I was making good time however and was on my way to Millard from Liphook. There is a sharp left bend at the bottom of the hill with a drive way straight on. I was looking which way to go as there was no route sign and went straight on into the drive way into a massive pothole, I knew I was going down and I just hoped the bike would be ok. Over the bars I flew grazing my knee and elbow and landed in a nettle bush, but not doing any major harm to the bike.

Can you tell when I came off?

Can you tell when I came off?

I retired shortly afterwards as I felt it was best to recover rather than push on.
I am annoyed with myself but did feel the signage could of been better.

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3 Responses to “Little Lumpy bumpy experience”

  1. Lou Shaw says:

    bad luck philip, hope you are not too hurt. Pete came off in woods last week so you are not alone!

    we are enjoying the blog and will send you some sponsorship. keep up the good work

    Lou x

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks Lou, its great to hear comments.

  3. alun says:

    Signage?? call that signage,,it spoilt an otherwise great day out..