Worthing to the Royal Marsden and Back

I think this has been my most enjoyable ride of the year to date.Royal Marsden

I was looking at the weekend forecast with some trepidation, heavy showers with a 20mph south-westerly wind,. When I awoke to heavy rain outside my heart sank thinking back to the Castle ride and how miserable it was, however by the time I got to Worthing hospital at 7am the weather had begun to brighten, but nobody was in sight. I got my stuff ready and waited, soon one of the riders appeared followed by 3 more, this was our lot, so we set off up the A24 towards Sutton.After a few minutes we got into a rhythm and the pace was reasonable. Before we set off I was worried that I may not be able to keep up with them, but if anything I was one of the stronger riders. We carried on up to Horsham then decided to stop for a coffee, unfortunately the petrol station at the A281 junction was closed so we carried on up towards Dorking stopping at Beare Green for a coffee and pastry.

Then we turned of the A24 towards Brockham this is a lovely village and I am a bit ashamed to say that despite living near Dorking for many years I had never visited this beautiful place.

Crossing the A25 we passed a sign warning of 16% gradient ahead up Peblehill rd (I think this is Reigate hill) this was the only real climb of the outward journey and the only time during the ride that it rained. The rest of the journey to the Marsden was a gradual  downhill.

At the Marsden was a reception committee, including Simon and Simon (training for the Etape), sandwiches and chocolate!

On the return towards Ashurst I went ahead of my group as I needed to stretch my legs a bit, I traveled on great little roads between the A24 and A23. The views were spectacular and it was just fantastic cycling the slight headwind did not bother me in the slightest.

At Ashurst the cyclists from the off road 15mile ride soon returned and we enjoyed a few drinks and some much needed lunch.

My legs felt much stronger today so my training seems to be paying off despite my fall last week. Unfortunately I don’t have any more long organised rides to do apart from the London2Brighton in a fortnight so I will have to plan some more rides.

The route plan is coming along nicely, I will post some more info about it during the week.

I still need more sponsorship for my trip to Lourdes so please be generous. All the money raised will go to the Sick Pilgrim Fund.

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