Provisional Route for Day 1 in France

I have been busy route planning when I have had time between work and training. My sleep has been poor this week but it seems to be improving. I am designing a sponsor form but not sure what to write, any ideas?

Below is my provisional plan for day 1 in France following getting off the ferry at Ouistreham.

It is also likely to be my longest day 171km.  What are your views on this route, any expertise/advice would be welcome

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2 Responses to “Provisional Route for Day 1 in France”

  1. AMy J says:

    Hey Phil. all going well. Have you heard of the Surrey 100 Mile cycle? Coming up this month i think. At least is an ogranised event you could do for some training! Will look it up……actually just found. Is on July 19th (you might have left by then!) here is link:
    carry on….love ya!

  2. Sheila Cant says:

    Don’t know why my name and email has become a constant! Anyway, sounds like all is going well with you. Not long now!