I hope you have noticed that I have posted the route I will be taking.  Its in the pages section on the sidebar, or click here.

Soph and I are currently writing lists and sorting through what I need to take for the trip and what needs to be brought on the train for me to have when on the pilgrimage. Its a balance between taking too much and not enough.

Training wise things are going well but I need to do some long low intensity ride tomorrow and probably on Tuesday and next weekend.

Thank you to all the people who have sponsored me so far, especially those who do not know me, I am incredibly grateful.

One Response to “Preparation”

  1. Lou Shaw says:

    have had a look at the route looks great, some of the hills look interesting , could only see one place we had cycled to on your day 1, well done with all the training and planning.

    not long now

    Love Lou x