Five days to go

I now have five days to go until I set off.  My equipment is packed and ready and my hotel rooms and ferry are sorted.

So the last thing to organise is myself, initially I wanted to do the trip unsupported just on my own carrying what I need.  Now following the accidents I had and the equipment failures that have occurred. I, after much inner conflict, have a support crew! I felt at the beginning that this would be a cope out and lessen the potential achievement of the trip.

I now realise that even with a support crew it is still a very long way in not much time.  It also allows me to have more spares and company in the evenings and at lunch.  My father has volunteered for the role and will be driving.  He will not be following my every minute but we will meet several times during the day.  I also hope he will be taking plenty of photographs to post here so you can see where I have been.

I will be carrying my mobile with me during the day so if you want to call me to keep me company on the ride I would welcome it. But obviously I may not be able to do so if its unsafe.

My current sponsorship total is £933 paid in with about another £500 pledged so far.  This is fantastic but I would love to leave Hassocks at the start of my trip knowing that I have raised £1000 and that its in the bank, so if you have not sponsored me so far it would be great if you could.  If you don’t want to use paypal you can contact me using the comment button and I will send you my address for checks.

I am sorry to keep going on about the sponsorship but I feel that the Lourdes sick fund is really important to me.  The pilgrimage has given so much to me with unique experences, wonderful friends and a fantastic wife that this is a small way of repaying it for this.

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2 Responses to “Five days to go”

  1. Fran says:

    Hi Phil,

    You also have some “groupies” of the grey-haired variety supporting you in St John of Rochester!
    £35.00 already pledged and Sunday morning stall to see if more will be offered.

    Love Mother-in -law x

  2. Lewis (uncle) says:

    All the best with trip, you’ll manage fine. Going cycling in Belgium and Luxembourg about the same time as you are doing your trip, will not be doing as many miles as you. I’ll be keepng an eye on your progress via the blog.

    ps your dad should take a bike with him a do a few miles with you each day