3 days 4 hours to go before the start

I am really delighted today as the sponsorship I have received has risen to over £1200, with much more pledged.  In fact I have had so many donations my paypal account has contacted me to confirm my details to prevent money laundering! Don’t worry I am not, and I have sorted out the paypal account so there is no problem.

Over the last few days I have developed a slight twinge in my right lower leg, it does not seem to affect my cycling but is just annoying so I am trying to be as careful as possible to help it recover before I set off.

Training is going to plan and I will do a two hour ride today and two hours tomorrow to keep the legs turning over. Its odd at the moment because I can’t believe how quickly the start has arrived. I have been thinking of doing this since last year in Lourdes and have been training for about 6 months but the last few weeks have rushed by. I can not  of been very good company, as I am not very communicative at the best of times, but more recently have been focusing towards this goal more and more. I just want to thank Soph for putting up with me.Thank you to those who have me in their prayers and thoughts, I really appreciate it.

The weather forcast for Tuesday seems to be showers which I don’t mind too much.  I don’t know what the forecast for France is yet however, I just hope there is not too much of a head wind.

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2 Responses to “3 days 4 hours to go before the start”

  1. sheila says:

    Good Luck Philip. Best of luck with the cyclel. I will be thinking about you and really admire your determination.

    Don’t forget the sunblock!

    Love from Sheila

  2. Lou Shaw says:

    Good Luck Philip
    really enjoyed reading the blog and will look forward to hearing how it all goes, enjoy it and well done for raising so much money. Love Lou x