Last day of preparation

GrottoI think I am as ready as I will every be. The slight niggle in my right lower leg is still there but not impacting my cycling or getting worse, my bags are packed and I have done all the training I planned to do.

Now all I need to do is hop on the bike on Tuesday lunchtime and start pedalling. I have raised over £1300 so far and thanks to those of you who are collecting on my behalf.

I was watching the Tour de France this afternoon on TV as they cycled passed Lourdes, it made me think that in 9 days I will be arriving in Lourdes, god willing. I just hope and pray that my legs will be strong enough to do it.  I know that I have given my best in preparing for this pilgrimage and am the fittest I have ever been.

The cycling this weekend has been good because yesterday I did two hours in the heavy rain which was surprisingly fun. Today I just went up and down the Beacon 3 times, I did not feel as strong as usual but I am not too worried about that.  I just need to eat a bit more tonight and tomorrow.

I am looking forward to being able to ride with a clear head, not worrying about every little thing and just getting in a zone of spinning the pedals and enjoying the scenery. I hope to take lots of photos and keep you updated with my progress.

I was just looking at facebook and realized how much I am going to miss not being in the Accuil group this year. Its weird because I am looking forward to being in a normal hotel group or two, and  really feel that I should see what being a Doctor in the hotel groups is like compared to the accuil but I will also greatly miss the atmosphere and people I know and love within that group.

The other day when the group lists came through I saw my name was down for the accuil and for one gut wrenching moment I felt torn between what I felt was better for me and what I really wanted to do. After last year when I barely had a moment to myself due to being very busy, feeling like I was on a knife edge balancing unsteadily and about to topple at any moment to an abyss of darkness. However I managed it and did not fall until back in the UK.

The fact is I enjoy being pushed that hard, but now know how destructive that can be for me. So when I saw my name was in the accuil I was a bit shaken up as it was not what I had mentally prepared myself for. And after the confusion was rectified felt relieved that I was in the hotel groups as I was looking forward to a change in role, but I know I will miss the accuiel increadibly.  And after this many years I should know how to spell accuil but I can’t.

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2 Responses to “Last day of preparation”

  1. Lewis (uncle) says:

    All the best, how do fancy joining me on an EtoE next year (April/May).

  2. Phil says:

    I might well be interested but I will see how this goes first