Day 7 a hot day

Today was a slightly odd day as it was hot and sunny all day but not that exciting a ride.  I just stuck my head down and got on with it.  It was a slow climb in the first 20km then a plateau finshing up with some rolling roads.

Thebest thing was there is a bath in the room so a soak was the highlight of the day.

I only have one more day to go and hopefully will be arriving in Lourdes about 1-2pm.  I will let you know when i am there.

Thanks for all the support

Distance 110km, Time 4h26min, KCal 5472

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2 Responses to “Day 7 a hot day”

  1. Fran says:

    You have done so well in the twp days we have been away from the computer. Congratulations!
    Lots of folk at Briefing asking after you -and delighted to hear of the steady progress.
    Now will be your best part – steep – yes – but what a view to come!
    Love F xx & K xx

  2. Lou Shaw says:

    well done enjoy your last day I expect it will feel great riding into Lourdes. Lou X