The most important thing I can do before the trip excluding training is to loose weight.
I started this year at 118.5kg which gave me a BMI of 33.3. I have reduced this to 111.8kg by using mynetdiary to calorie count. This ties in with my fitbit app allowing me to eat the required food to loose weight in a controlled manner. The app helps reduce my temptation to snack which historically been by biggest downfall.
Sophie is fantastic, menu planning to give a well rounded diet of fantastic food for lunch and dinner but keeping the calories in check.

Hopefully I will get to about 100kg by the time of the ride which will save me huge amounts of effort on the climbs.

Looking at watts/kg at 20min peak power
At start of year it was: 1.96
On 24th Jan : 2.11
If I get to 100kg with same power it would be: 2.44
This would give me a 20% increase in performance on hills.
Obviously with my training I hope to increase the raw power output as well.

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