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Very pleasant weekend

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I have had a great weekend in the run up to my trip. On Friday we saw Take That at Wembly which was an experience, the show was amazing with often too much going on to take it all in. Saturday we went for a lovely walk along the Thames.
Today I started of with an hour ride with Soph the I rode to the Lourdes office. Soph and I spent the day packing the medical boxes and then I cycled home. So I did about 75km and felt fine with no problems.
This week I will ride in the evenings then do a long ride Sat and rest Sunday and Monday. After that I am off.
I am getting excited but can’t believe how quick it’s come around. My main fear is to not be able to finish but I know even trying is a good accomplishment especially if you consider how low I felt at the begining of the year. I am not out of the tunnel yet but am slowly getting there. My prayers are with those who are still falling down that dark tunnel of dispair.
I feel I should finish on a slightly more upbeat note by congratulating all those who have done the race for life this weekend.