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Its hot here in Lourdes

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I am really glad I had a early start today as the weather is really hot 38c at the moment. It was a really warm journey although I took it at quite a pace.

It was a real sense of accomplishment cycling down from the town to the entrance of the Domain.Entrance to domaine

I did not know how I would feel, but the main sensation was one of relief.

Relief that I had made it, relief that I did not have any major problems, relief that I did not let myself or others down.

It took a lot of preparation both physically and mentally, but I must say, the most difficult part was believing in myself that I could do it.  Well I managed it and hopefully once I have had a good sleep the satisfaction and sense of achievement will come to me.

When I met up with dad after a lovely lunch in the Santa Rose (unfortunately there was no pate art) I took dad around the Domain,  Its very hot at the moment and hopefully it will cool before the Pilgrimage arrives on Friday.  With the heat I will not attempt the Col de Tormalade as it will be to dehydrating.

I then had what I have been dreaming of for the last few weeks a nice cold beer at the Petit Fleur.


Arrived in Lourdes

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

After a hot days cycling I have finally arrived in Lourdes.
Will write more later. Thanks for the support and if you have not already sponsored me now is a good time.

Day 5 Niort to Jonzac

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

I am glad I have finished today, not because it was a particually difficult or hilly ride but for some reason the whole ride was really hard work.  I had  a very sore arse and left knee pain and right hip pain, nothing to make me stop or anything just very annnoying.  I also felt low in energy and had little reserves, which I suppose is to be expected after over 600km of riding now.

I rode through some beautiful fields with sunflowers then corn then vines, there were the odd patches of rain and Cognac was pretty.

After 100km I just was desperate to get to the finish but feel fine now I have had a shower. Only 3 days more cycling to go!

Thanks for the support

Day 4 a bit more information

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Well the first thing to say about the ride from Saumur to Niort was the weather,  it was wet, very wet.

After thunder storms during the night the morning looked a bit brighter when we had breakfast however once I had changed the heavens opened and it was heavy rain.  I put my rain coat and over shoes on and started pedaling towards Niort.  I must say I did not pay to much attention to the scenery as I just kept my head down and my legs spinning.  Occassionaly there was a flash of lightning but after about 3h the weather changed to a much brighter but cool day.

My legs felt strong but after about 100km all you want to do is get to the hotel and have a shower.  Nearing the hotel in Niort I had a comedy fall at a roundabout as I could not unclip one of my feet from the pedal but no harm done and it must of looked funny to the other road users.

There are not really any photos of Day 4 but it was probably the easiest day cycling so far.

Very pleasant weekend

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I have had a great weekend in the run up to my trip. On Friday we saw Take That at Wembly which was an experience, the show was amazing with often too much going on to take it all in. Saturday we went for a lovely walk along the Thames.
Today I started of with an hour ride with Soph the I rode to the Lourdes office. Soph and I spent the day packing the medical boxes and then I cycled home. So I did about 75km and felt fine with no problems.
This week I will ride in the evenings then do a long ride Sat and rest Sunday and Monday. After that I am off.
I am getting excited but can’t believe how quick it’s come around. My main fear is to not be able to finish but I know even trying is a good accomplishment especially if you consider how low I felt at the begining of the year. I am not out of the tunnel yet but am slowly getting there. My prayers are with those who are still falling down that dark tunnel of dispair.
I feel I should finish on a slightly more upbeat note by congratulating all those who have done the race for life this weekend.


Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Why am I going to do this bike ride?
Am I mad?
Is it because I am super fit?
Is it a way of being noticed?
Is it because I need a goal in life?
I am not sure but I don’t think its any of the above. I know this blog in some way a method of preparing myself and stopping me from backing out.
I have a fear of failure and consequently I set very high goals for my self. If I don’t reach that goal I feel that I have failed. I don’t look back and go look how well I have done, I have done all this but just couldn’t manage the last bit. All I see is that I have not completed what I set out to do.
As a result of this, I think, I feel as though I rarely reach my own unrealistic expectations and this leads me to feel depressed.
Sometimes I will not even attempt something if I feel I might fail.
Like many people who suffer from depression I fail to see my achievements; becoming a doctor, marrying an amazing woman, being a reasonable photographer, having wonderful friends.
I want this bike ride to be one of those achievements but if it does not go exactly to plan to know that I have given it my best shot and hopefully will have raised money to help sick pilgrims go to Lourdes in the future.
I know what the Arundel and Brighton pilgrimage has done for me: inner healing, great friendships and a beautiful intelligent wife. I hope to give something extra in return and I am looking forward to the challenge.