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Day 4 a bit more information

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Well the first thing to say about the ride from Saumur to Niort was the weather,  it was wet, very wet.

After thunder storms during the night the morning looked a bit brighter when we had breakfast however once I had changed the heavens opened and it was heavy rain.  I put my rain coat and over shoes on and started pedaling towards Niort.  I must say I did not pay to much attention to the scenery as I just kept my head down and my legs spinning.  Occassionaly there was a flash of lightning but after about 3h the weather changed to a much brighter but cool day.

My legs felt strong but after about 100km all you want to do is get to the hotel and have a shower.  Nearing the hotel in Niort I had a comedy fall at a roundabout as I could not unclip one of my feet from the pedal but no harm done and it must of looked funny to the other road users.

There are not really any photos of Day 4 but it was probably the easiest day cycling so far.