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Worthing Winter Warmer 2016

Monday, March 7th, 2016

I have had a busy weekend on the bike.  On Saturday 13th Feb I did the Worthing Winter Warmer a 104km Audax organised by the club.

The weather was cold and very wet. Despite this 81 people started the event and 72 finished. I started the ride with Rome as I had programmed the route into my Garmin we were soon joined by some other members of the club. At the first checkpoint on the top of Alderbrook near Cranleigh it was snowing and with freezing hands and feet we gratefully topped up on supplies and hot drinks.  The decent was very hairy with the back wheel slipping occasionally on heavy breaking particularly at the point when a car did an emergency stop. Through the rest of the ride it slowly warmed up although often I was unable to feel my feet. We  were grateful to finish within a reasonable time.  Cakes soup and hot drinks were provided allowing us to defrost hands and feet.

Unfortunately whilst loading the car I dropped my Garmin in the car park.  Someone found it and thanks to a little trick I learned on powering up the device my name and number were on the start up screen.

Sundays ride was a different type of test.  The weather was dryer although not any warmer.  and my legs felt empty on the climbs.

My ride details can be found on Strava

Worthing to the Royal Marsden and Back

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

I think this has been my most enjoyable ride of the year to date.Royal Marsden

I was looking at the weekend forecast with some trepidation, heavy showers with a 20mph south-westerly wind,. When I awoke to heavy rain outside my heart sank thinking back to the Castle ride and how miserable it was, however by the time I got to Worthing hospital at 7am the weather had begun to brighten, but nobody was in sight. I got my stuff ready and waited, soon one of the riders appeared followed by 3 more, this was our lot, so we set off up the A24 towards Sutton. (more…)

Charity ride for the Royal Marsden

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

I am changing my plans for rides in June as a group of doctors from Worthing Hospital are going to ride from Worthing Hospital to the Royal Marsden in Sutton and back on the 7th to raise money for the Royal Marsden cancer campaign.  I was going to do the Sunday Sportive ride at Reigate but this seems much more rewarding.  Its 85 miles in total and if you are interested in sponsoring us please do so at justgiving.  I know I am already asking for sponsorship for the Lourdes pilgrimage but if you can spare any money in these difficult times it will help make a difference.